• SeniorHabitat improves the quality of life (QoL) for older adults by connecting them to care based on their clinical needs, personal preferences, social and cultural factors. 
  • SeniorHabitat reduces caregiver stress and burden by guiding family caregivers on what services they need through our unique online tools. SeniorHabitat's CareFinder Questionnaire, links older adults to objective resources and benefits. An easy-to-navigate online questionnaire walks users through various questions and recommends supportive services and benefits based on their individualized needs. SeniorHabitat also offer other unique assessments and tools to maximize the ability for older adults to age in their community and avoid re-hospitalizations. It facilitates personal independence and continued engagement of older adults in their community by connecting them to resources.
  • SeniorHabitat decreases healthcare cost and expedites hospital discharges by helping hospital discharge planners with the process of transitioning patients from the hospital back the community via SeniorHabitat’s   Screening, eScheduler & eNotify tool. 
  • SeniorHabitat improves care providers communications by making it easy for them to refer patients to other care providers.
  • SeniorHabitat lowers the number of hospital readmissions by helping senior residences anticipate the common needs and service gaps in their community via SeniorHabitat’s data analytic platform.