About Us

SeniorHabitat is the first care transitions platform that connects older adults to objective community-based support services and benefits based on their clinical needs and personal preferences. We maximize the ability for older adults to age in their community and avoid re-hospitalizations by linking them to the optimal setting of care and supportive services. 


Care transitions occur when a patient moves from one health care provider or setting to another. Currently, nearly one in five Medicare patients discharged from a hospital—approximately 2.6 million older adults—are readmitted within 30 days, at a cost of over $26 billion every year. Poor care coordination is a leading cause for readmission back to the hospital. SeniorHabitat recognizes that family caregivers play a critical role in supporting older adults during care transitions. However, little attention has been paid to involving, educating and supporting them during transitions in care. To decrease preventable hospital readmissions & improve quality of life for older adults, SeniorHabitat created a platform that provides free transition support to stressed family caregivers by offering objective and qualified solutions for the following social determinants of health: 1) Resources to meet daily needs (i.e. housing & nutrition), 2) Access to health care services, 3) Community-based resources (i.e. care management), 4) Social & legal support, 5) Opportunities for recreational & leisure activities (i.e. adult day & senior centers), 6) Transportation options.