Frequently Asked Questions



How does SeniorHabitat work?

Our website addresses the unique clinical, social and financial needs of older adults. By using our online platform and tools, people can more easily find personalized care solutions. If you are unsure of what type of support is needed, simply complete our CareFinder or Housing Questionnaire to receive guidance navigating our comprehensive Aging in Place and Senior Housing Community Marketplaces


Is SeniorHabitat completely free for Older Adults and Caregivers?

Yes, SeniorHabitat is FREE for Older Adults and Caregivers. We recognize that family caregivers play a critical role in supporting older adults during care transitions. However, little attention has been paid to involving, educating and supporting you during transitions in care. To decrease preventable hospital readmissions & improve quality of life for older adults, SeniorHabitat created a platform that provides free  support through objective and qualified solutions.


Is SeniorHabitat a national company?


At this time, we are currently providing resources to Older Adults & Caregivers in New York and New Jersey. Our long term goal is to provide resources to Older Adults & Caregivers in all 50 states.


How does SeniorHabitat work with community providers?

ALL community providers can join SeniorHabitat for FREE.  We bring down all barriers to delivering quality care. No person will be denied the benefits of informative knowledge in their caregiving journey based on their ability to pay. We create value for the community we serve- families, older adults, employees, partners, and care providers - equipping people with resources to help them increase their knowledge and leadership skills to improve the quality of life for older adults.


Does SeniorHabitat makes recommendations for specific care providers?

SeniorHabitat provides guidance on which type of care providers might be helpful to you, but we don’t make recommendations to specific care providers. If you need guidance on which care providers are better to help you, we recommend that you look at customer reviews, Nursing Home Medicare Ratings, speak to your local Area Agency on Aging, and get recommendations from family and friends.


Can I book a tour at a Senior Housing?


Yes, you can. After you narrow your search, you can easily book a tour directly on our platform in real-time, anytime - similar to booking a dinner reservation on OpenTable. To ensure that you’re not wasting your time visiting a home that isn’t appropriate for you, we created a Senior Housing Screening Tool. The tool is based on medical diagnosis and activities of daily living, making it easy for Housing Providers to screen potential residents prior to a tour. When you have selected a home, we strongly recommend that your visit the home that you’re considering. You can learn a lot about the home by visiting and observing the environment and how staff interacts with residents. Also, you should speak with residents and their families to get a full understanding of life at these homes. This ensures that you are finding the best housing solution for your loved ones.


Can I speak to a care advisors directly on SeniorHabitat?


SeniorHabitat uses technology to connect Older Adults & Caregivers to Care Providers in the community. If you need additional support, we recommend contacting your local area agency of aging, social service agency or find a geriatric care manager. You can find these agencies in our Aging In Place marketplace.


Does SeniorHabitat manage the financial transactions with Care Providers?


SeniorHabitat facilitates care connections between Caregivers/Older Adults and Care Providers. We do not manage the relationship, nor any financial transactions between the Caregivers/Older Adults and Care Providers.


Does SeniorHabitat list non-profit and/or government agencies?


Yes, we list non-profit and government agencies. We believe that it’s important that you have awareness and access to a comprehensive network of community providers.


Can I recommend a senior care provider to be included on the SeniorHabitat platform?


Yes, you can recommend a senior care provider to join SeniorHabitat. We created a platform that is self-serving and simple to join. Care Providers only need to  click on “Provider” on SeniorHabitat’s landing page. It will take them to the “Provider” page, where they can sign up. After sign-up, SeniorHabitat will check to ensure that provider is licensed and in good standing with the appropriate regulatory agencies.


How does SeniorHabitat make money?


To ensure that we provide you with a comprehensive and unbiased care provider directory, we list ALL care providers for free. Unlike other senior websites, we want you to find the best care providers to meet your needs rather than only care providers that have paid to advertise. To generate revenue, we offer an upgrade subscription model rather than a referral business model for care providers. They can upgrade their listings and utilize our workflow tools for an additional cost.  




What do I do if my loved wants to Age In Place, when – in fact – they are beyond what an independent living situation can offer? AND, resistant to the move?

If you are not sure what services & benefits you need, we recommend that you complete our CareFinder Questionnaire. We transformed a 4-hour assessment, previously conducted by a Geriatric Social Worker, to a free digital tool that recommends community-based services and benefits to help your loved one remain in the community.


How do I decide what housing option is right for my loved one?


If you are not sure which type of housing options best meets your loved one’s needs, we recommend that your complete our Housing Questionnaire. Afterwards, you can search the recommended housing option based on your individual preferences.


Do I need an eldercare attorney? Which advance directives are important to have?


Eldercare Attorneys are advocates for older adults and their loved ones. They handle a wide range of legal matters affecting an older or disabled person, including issues related to health care, long term care planning, guardianship, retirement, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, estate planning and other important matters. If is recommended that older adults have the following advance directives: Health care proxy (durable health power-of-attorney) & Living Will (healthcare directive).


What should I do if I do not have the funds to pay for care? Is there financial support available?


Yes, benefits & support exist in the community to help people with limited finances. We recommend that you complete our CareFinder Questionnaire to uncover opportunities for your situation. We transformed a 4-hour assessment, previously conducted by a Geriatric Social Worker, to a free digital tool that recommends community-based services and benefits. For example, benefit suggestions might include Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, and Supplemental Security Insurance.


I’m currently working, how do I balance it all - work and take care of my loved one?


If you’re having difficulty juggling your responsibilities as a caregiver, there are many community resources that can help.  You can search our comprehensive marketplace or complete our CareFinder Questionnaire to receive guidance on which community resources are available to help.   


If I need more guidance and support, than what’s offered in SeniorHabitat’s Commuity Marketplace, where do I go?


If you need additional help, we recommend contacting your local area agency of aging, social service agency or find a geriatric care manager. You can search and find your local area agency of aging, advocacy group by disease, and a geriatric social worker on our site.


Can I find Senior Housing options based on my loved ones’ individual needs and preferences?


Unlike other senior housing listings, SeniorHabitat makes it easy for you to search senior housing based on your individual needs and preferences. You can choose appropriate housing solutions from 10 categories and 148 individual preferences. For example, if your mother is an avid swimmer, speaks Russian, needs physical therapy and a low sodium diet. She can easily find a home with a pool, Russian speaking staff, Physical therapy and serves low sodium meals.