Adult Day Care Center at Fieldhome

2300 Catherine Street
Cortlandt Manor, NY, 10567

Adult Day Care Center at Fieldhome is an adult day health care center located in Cortlandt Manor, NY, 10567. There are two types of Adult Day Health Care Centers.

1) Medical Model Adult Day Health Care Centers offer comprehensive health and rehabilitative services including nursing, recreation therapy, speech, occupational and physical therapy, personal care, nutritional and social services. Private Payment, insurance, and Medicaid covers the costs.

2) Social Model Adult Day Health Care Centers offer the frail elderly with recreational activities (crafts, music, etc.), supervision and monitoring, personal care, transportation to and from the program and a hot nutritious meal in a supervised setting. Additional services may include and are not limited to maintenance and enhancement of daily living skills, caregiver support and case coordination. Fees varies according to the program.

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